vocabuld.com sales of all products the samewith a variety of shipping options, including promotions and special offers.Please refer to the following information about our cost savings and provideyou with convenient shipping method.

vocabuld.com provides several ways ofinternational delivery: dhl, fedex, ups, and ems. Generally speaking, theshipment will arrive within 7 working days. We provide tracking numbers oncethe shipment is on the way.

vocabuld.com reserves the right to choose emsor other express agent if the destination is in rural or other far-from-cityareas.

Under certain circumstances or with certain items, vocabuld.com reservesthe right to change the customer-decided way of shipment; however, we promiseto deliver the item(s) in due time.

If the shipment is free-shipping, vocabuld.com willautomatically choose postal packets as our delivery package. The delivery timeis 15-30 working days worldwide. Tracking number is not available for postalpackets.

For delivery to destinations where dhl, fedex, ups or emsare unavailable, vocabuld will give our customer a full refund and refuseto make the delivery.

Customers can choose whether to buy insurance for theshipment at will. Items damaged during shipping with insurance bought will becompensated by the logistics company.

If items were damaged during shipping without anyinsurance covered, compensations will be made according to the rules of thelogistics company. If the customer decides to get a refund for beingunsatisfied with the item or if the item is damaged during shipping, he or shecan deliver the item to the estimated vocabuld places to get a refund, therefund shipping fees will not be covered by us.

If the customer found the package damaged upon delivery,he or she should refuse to sign on the package. It is always recommended tocheck the package and the item upon delivery, if you find the items aredamaged, contact with the express agent immediately. When you gain the damageditem paperwork from your express agent, contact with us, we will makearrangement to cover the compensation issues and make a new delivery.