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ISD1700 voice module soon became familiar with and mastered the ISD1700 series chips designed for simple and practical circuit boards. Applicable to all ISD1700 series chips, with simple, full-featured features. The ISD1700 series of recording chips are highly integrated and high performance chips. It can be multi-segment recording, sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K to 12K, power supply can be from 2.4V to 5.5V. ISD1700 has new recording hints. When a new recording is made, the LED flickers backwards every few seconds to remind the user of the new recording. In addition, there are four kinds of voice prompt user's operation results, such as start recording, stop recording, erase, erase all the next and so on. Recorded data is stored in FLASH chip without any compression, so there is better sound quality and power storage. The chip has two independent audio signal input channels, microphone input and analog signal input. In the independent key mode, after the operation is completed, the functional chip will automatically enter the power-off mode to reduce power consumption. In SPI mode, users can perform more functions on the chip. If any memory address is used to read and write on the analog channel configuration register (APC).

Size: 5.2CM x5.5CM
Power supply: 5V
Recording time: 6K, 75 seconds, 8K, 60 seconds
The working frequency of the chip is 6KHZ and 8KHZ.
With power indicator lamp, the chip indicator lamp is on.
It is easy to operate and can work directly without the need of microcontroller or other modules.
Chip control pins have led to easy control connections
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1 x ISD1700 Series Module

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