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The LCD has always been a device that acts as a window in human-computer interaction.
For example, the prompt window on some instrument devices, the temperature and humidity prompt box, the device running status monitor, and the prompt screen of the counting device all have LCD figures.
The common LCD1602, LCD2004, and LCD12864 are fabricated using liquid crystal materials and communicated using the I2C bus.
It is a high-performance serial bus with bus rules and high-speed or low-speed device synchronization required for multi-master systems.
The I2C bus has only two bidirectional signal lines, a serial data line (SDA) and a serial clock line (SCL).
Compatible with all devices with I2C interfaces, such as Arduino, raspberry pi, beagle bone black, tinker board, stm32, esp32 and more.


- 20 Characters * 4 Lines, Character LCD module
- Blue Backlight
- 5V for Logic Circuit
- Low power consumption
- Support I2C protocol
- Easy to use
- Compatible with Raspberry Pi, banana Pi, Tinker Board, STM32, ESP32 etc.
- Type: Chip On Board
- Number of Data line: 8-bit parallel


The RPI mainboard and other devices are just for show, and not included in the package.

Package included:

1 x LCD Display
1 x 4pin Jumpwire

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