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3-way PWM output, wide frequency range, duty cycle can be adjusted independently and in real time.
Frequency is divided into four ranges, automatic switching:
1. XXX (no decimal point): the smallest unit is 1Hz, the range of values is 1Hz ~ 999Hz;
2. The smallest unit of X.XX (decimal point in 100 bits) is 0.01 Khz, ranging from 1.00 Khz to 9.99 Khz.
3. XX.X (decimal point in ten places): the smallest unit is 0.1Khz; the range of values is 10.0KHz~99.9KHz.
4. X.X.X (decimal point in 10 and 100 bits): the smallest unit is 1Khz; the range of values is 1KHz~150KHz
E.g. Frequency display: 100 represents the output pulse of 100 Hz from PWM;
1.01 represents the output pulse of 1.01K from PWM.
54.1 indicates that the PWM outputs 54.1KHz pulses.
1.2.4 indicates that the PWM outputs 124KHz pulses.
The duty cycle ranges from 0% to 100%, of which 100% is represented by A0%.
All setting parameters, power down save.

1. 3-way PWM output, frequency adjustable, 3-way frequency output consistent, duty cycle can be independently adjusted, suitable for most occasions;
2. LCD LCD display frequency and duty cycle, very clear, easy to adjust.
3. Wide frequency range and high accuracy;
4. Serial Communication
Used as a square wave signal generator to generate square wave signals for experimental development and use;
Square wave signal used to control motor driver;
Generate adjustable pulses for MCU use.
Generate adjustable pulses and control related circuits (PWM dimming and speed regulating applications).

The module has 8 independent keys to set the frequency and duty cycle. It supports short press (increase or decrease a unit) and long press (increase or decrease quickly). It is very simple. After setting parameters, it can save automatically without losing power.
3-way duty cycle button can be pressed at the same time, real-time adjustment, LCD display is the last pressed button duty cycle, real-time performance is very strong, can be used as a simple scan of several ways duty cycle.

Working voltage: 3.3-30V
Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz
Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2%
Signal load capacity: the output current can be about 5-30 ma
Output amplitude: PWM amplitude is equal to supply voltage
Ambient temperature: – 20°~ + 70°C
Package included:

5 x Controller Module

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