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1. All 32 I/O pins are pulled out.
2. The classic ATmega16 microcontroller minimum system eliminates the hassle of soldering.
3. Crystal: The socket hole is convenient for soldering to replace the crystal, crystal 8M.
4. Support chip: ATmega16 MCU / ATmega32 chip is pin compatible.
5. Power: power adapter or external expansion pin power supply (not supported by ISP download interface)
6. DC-005 power module (supporting the transposon is 5.5 * 2.1 mm).
7. Expand the outer 4 channels VCC, GND.
8. Reset: Power-on reset and reset button.
9. Power indicator (D1) and program run indicator (D2).
10. Standard ISP download interface.
Weight: 46 grams
Color: as the picture shows
Specification: 88mm*38mm (approx.)
Note: This minimum system development board does not have an AVR chip, you need to purchase additional chips.

Package includes:

1 x Development Board

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