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Product introduction:
The ATtiny13 development board is a learning board designed specifically for the ATtiny13. The ATtiny13 is the lowest-cost, lowest-cost chip in Atmel's AVR family of chips. PCB layout routing specification, stable operation, the working voltage of the whole board can be selected by 3.3V or 5V through the jumper on the board. All the pins of the chip are led out by pin headers to easily expand other circuits. The IO port and peripheral circuits of the chip are both Is the jumper to choose whether to turn on, if you do not need to use the peripheral circuit on the board to jump out the jumper, the microcontroller becomes the real minimum system, and the ISP interface is reserved on the board.
Onboard resources:
1) 1 chip of tiny13A chip
2) Reset button
3) Two independent buttons
4) Two LEDs
5) ADC potentiometer
6) 5V or 3.3V working voltage selection

Package includes:

1 x ATtiny13 development board

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