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SW915-ZT100 straight-head bar antenna is a special antenna designed for 915M wireless data transmission and meter reading communication system. The antenna has good standing wave ratio, ingenious structure, convenient installation, stable performance, and good anti-vibration and aging ability.


Frequency range: 915 + 5 MHz
VSWR: <1.5
Gain: 2.15 DBI
Input impedance: 50
Maximum power: 10 W
Polarization: Vertical Polarization
Height: 101.5 + 1 mm
Interface Form: SMA/J
Lead-out Cable: None
Antenna color: black
Weight: 10 g

Remote control
Home security alarm and remote keyless entry
Home automation telemetry
Toy control
Sensor Networks
Tire pressure monitoring
Health monitoring
Tag reader
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1 x Antenna

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