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Model: TP.VST59.PA671
Solution chip: TSUMV59XU-Z1
Input interface: computer / HDMI / video / TV
Working voltage: 220V
Screen Interface: LVDS Single 6 Single 8 Double 6 Double 8
Screen voltage: 5V/12V
Resolution: Support 1920*1080,1366*768,1440*900,1680*1050,1920*1200,1280*1024,1280*768,1280*720 15-32 inch LVDS screen

Burning method:
Store the screen program to be burned in the U disk, insert the U disk into the board, plug in the key board, and power on; the indicator light of the button board will flash alternately red and green, and the program will start to write when the light flashes. (please don't power off), the light flashes slowly, after a short flash, it will flash quickly. After the flash is stopped, the program is written. After the power is turned off, the U disk is taken to complete the program burning.
As long as you have a USB flash drive, you can upgrade the replacement program at will! Super convenient.
Package included:

1 x LCD Driver Board

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